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White Collar Crime

Proven New Orleans Lawyers Deliver Effective Defense for White Collar Crimes

Louisiana attorneys counter allegations of deceit in state and federal cases

The term “white collar crime” does not describe a specific offense. It refers to a variety of criminal counts that do not typically involve physical violence but are based on deceit, concealment or violation of trust. Defending against these claims effectively requires an attorney who can analyze complex documentary evidence and construct the strongest possible argument on a client’s behalf. At The Bagert Law Firm in New Orleans, our attorneys have provided exceptional representation and service to Louisiana clients in white collar crime cases for more than a century. Attorney Bernard J. Bagert, Jr. has a long track record of winning successful results in such cases including those involving complex financial dealings and other complicated actions. We have the ability to find the truth while investigating a paper trail and to prepare a formidable defense strategy no matter how difficult the challenge seems.

Established firm represents clients facing fraud and corruption accusations

Whether someone is accused of acting alone or charged with a criminal conspiracy, fraud allegations often turn on subjective interpretations and evidence that is taken out of context. Throughout Southern Louisiana, we handle a full range of matters where harmful misrepresentation is alleged, such as:

  • Bankruptcy fraud — If you’re charged with criminal bankruptcy fraud, we’ll outline the relevant legal standards and advise you of your options. These inquiries often focus on whether the individual or business filing for bankruptcy concealed assets, made false statements, or committed other bankruptcy crimes.
  • Public corruption, ethics and campaign finance investigations — Our firm has represented elected and appointed public figures in connection with state and federal criminal investigations as well as civil penalty proceedings before the Louisiana Board of Ethics. We assist clients in matters relating to possible violations of federal campaign finance and election laws, the Hobbs Act, federal honest-services-fraud statutes, and state bribery and conflict of interest laws. Public figures face extra pressure when they are accused of misconduct, and we offer counsel that fully addresses their concerns.
  • Healthcare fraud — Prosecution of healthcare fraud is a major priority for state and local authorities. We have defended healthcare companies, their officers and employees in criminal investigations and prosecutions. Our firm has obtained favorable resolutions in these cases as well as professional discipline cases and complex matters pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid.

Of course, the best way to avoid the consequences of a fraud conviction is to avoid a charge altogether. Our background in this area helps clients develop and improve compliance programs to minimize the possibility of criminal exposure.

Skilled advocates handle embezzlement and corporate espionage matters

Electronic transfers and other technological advances have created an environment in which funds or data can be easily misappropriated. In other instances, the rapid transmission of information has misled authorities into believing that something improper occurred. Financial pressures and the perception of online anonymity have led to numerous cases of embezzlement, Ponzi schemes and the defrauding of lending institutions. In Department of Justice investigations, state prosecutions and private matters, we conduct a thorough review of the evidence and create a comprehensive legal strategy to avert any unjust punishment.

Knowledgeable counselors advise on racketeering and RICO prosecutions

Originally enacted to combat long-term organized crime activity, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) has been applied in many situations, including cases targeting government officials and international bodies not typically associated with criminal motives. Even if the charges seem flimsy, mounting a strong defense can be tricky because RICO allegations are often vague, and the federal government has unlimited resources. Our firm has the real-world knowledge necessary to assert clients’ rights authoritatively in RICO cases, prosecutions for extortion, and other claims involving alleged long-term misconduct.

Contact an experienced Louisiana white collar defense attorney for an appointment.

Clients facing white collar charges select The Bagert Law Firm because of our experience and success in similar cases and our reputation for ethics and integrity. To speak to a lawyer about your case, please call 504-523-1117 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our New Orleans office, located in the Poydras Center.

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