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Business Dissolution

Devising an Exit Strategy: Business Dissolution and Liquidation

The roots of The Bagert Law Firm extend back more than 100 years, but we are an exception. Most businesses have a far shorter life cycle.

One of the most important decisions any business owner makes is when and how to sell or dissolve the business. Hanging on too long can lead to a financial catastrophe. Selling too soon or for less than your assets are worth can be equally risky. The Bagert Law Firm can protect your interests as you make this important transition.

If you are considering business dissolution, our attorneys are available to analyze your specific situation and make recommendations. We will clearly describe your options and the advantages and potential risks associated with each. Then you can make an informed decision based on your own values and goals.

Business Dissolution Planning

The best time to consider how you will eventually leave a business is before you get involved in it in the first place. When we help clients organize new business ventures, we consider how to handle the eventual dissolution of the business:

  • Will the business and its assets be sold?
  • Will the remaining partners buy out the partner who wishes to leave?
  • Will the business be put in trust for the next generation?

Even the Best-Laid Plans …

Even with careful business dissolution planning, disagreements can arise. As experienced business litigation attorneys, we can protect your rights in disputes with partners or fellow shareholders. If you have been the victim of double dealing by your partner, for example, we will examine the possibility of suing your partner for breach of fiduciary duty.

If you no longer want to remain in business with your partner or wish to acquire the interests or shares of other participants in your business, we can help.

To discuss your concerns, please contact a lawyer at The Bagert Law Firm. From our office in New Orleans, we represent clients throughout southeast Louisiana.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • "Look no further, you have found a jewel! Mr. Bagert is an amazing attorney who treated my elderly father with compassion and respect. He and his team were very professional and acted swiftly on his behalf. I highly recommend the Bagert Law Firm!" - Civil Practice

  • "Mr. Bagert is always available and easy to talk with. He spends a good deal of time explaining and researching every aspect of the case so it is easy to understand what he is trying to accomplish for you and your case" - Civil Practice

  • "The determination and work ethic to help those in need are incalculable. I am grateful to have Ben Bagert as my lawyer of choice." - Criminal Law

  • "Ben was very informative and helped every step of the way." - Business Law

  • "In all dealings with Mr Bagert, I have always found himm to be respectful as well as focused and attentive to my concerns but heaven help the company that tries to abuse my rights when I have Mr Bagert advocating for me. His unusual intelligence is moderated by a down to earth demeanor that enables him to explain complex matters in every day words. I have found that judges and lawyers hold him in very high esteem when we were in court." - Business Law

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