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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

A person arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI / DWI) faces long term and serious consequences. For example, if prompt action is not taken to challenge a claim that a breath test was refused, a person will lose his driving privileges.

DUI/DWI Consequences

If you are found guilty, your sentence can include fines, jail time, probation, community service, mandatory substance abuse evaluation and driver improvement school. You will lose your driver’s license for at least 90 days. You may be required to install an ignition interlock device at your own expense. Your vehicle may be confiscated.

If you have a professional license of any kind – from a medical license to a commercial driver’s license – a DUI/DWI conviction may put your license in jeopardy. Having a DUI/DWI on your criminal record can make it harder to get a job, a loan or even a place to live.

Don’t Put Your Future at Risk

At The Bagert Law Firm in New Orleans, our criminal defense attorneys take an aggressive approach to defending clients charged with DUI/DWI. Over the years we have been extremely successful in minimizing the negative consequences of these charges.

Just because the policeman says you blew .08 or over on the breath test doesn’t mean you are guilty as charged. There are still defenses that may be successfully urged. Was the breathalyzer in proper working order? Was the officer properly trained in its use? Did the police have a legal basis to stop your car and to ask you to submit to the test? The answers to any of these questions could lead to an acquittal.

To discuss your DUI/DWI case, please contact The Bagert Law Firm by e-mail or call (504) 523-1117.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • "Look no further, you have found a jewel! Mr. Bagert is an amazing attorney who treated my elderly father with compassion and respect. He and his team were very professional and acted swiftly on his behalf. I highly recommend the Bagert Law Firm!" - Civil Practice

  • "Mr. Bagert is always available and easy to talk with. He spends a good deal of time explaining and researching every aspect of the case so it is easy to understand what he is trying to accomplish for you and your case" - Civil Practice

  • "The determination and work ethic to help those in need are incalculable. I am grateful to have Ben Bagert as my lawyer of choice." - Criminal Law

  • "Ben was very informative and helped every step of the way." - Business Law

  • "In all dealings with Mr Bagert, I have always found himm to be respectful as well as focused and attentive to my concerns but heaven help the company that tries to abuse my rights when I have Mr Bagert advocating for me. His unusual intelligence is moderated by a down to earth demeanor that enables him to explain complex matters in every day words. I have found that judges and lawyers hold him in very high esteem when we were in court." - Business Law

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