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History of The Bagert Law Firm

Our lawyers, our traditions, our values and our clients are the sum of a law practice that was started over one hundred years ago by a highly esteemed lawyer who achieved a national reputation. His name was Bernard J. Daly. His neighbors called him Ben.

Humble Beginnings

Ben Daly studied law while tending a grocery store in a working class New Orleans neighborhood. He was widely admired by his clients. One of them, a carpenter, so admired his lawyer that he decided to give his son the name of his lawyer. The carpenter named his son Bernard J. Bagert.

Twenty-two years later, Bernard J. Bagert became a lawyer and began practicing with Mr. Daly and his partner, Walter Hamlin. By then, Mr. Daly was very well known for his many successes on behalf of clients in criminal as well as business cases.

Off to War

The young Mr. Bagert practiced law with them for eight years. Then World War II erupted and the young lawyer’s practice was set aside for military service. By the time Bagert returned home to resume practicing law, Mr. Daly had died and Mr. Hamlin had become a district judge. Hamlin eventually became Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Mr. Bagert quickly earned a reputation as a bright and personable lawyer. His fellow war veterans, recognizing Mr. Bagert’s leadership traits, elected him to head their veteran’s organization. Several years later his community elected him to the bench.

A New Generation

Judge Bagert’s son, Bernard J. Bagert, Jr., followed the calling of his father. He distinguished himself in law school by earning induction into the national honor society and his classmates (who also called him “Ben”) elected him president of the law school’s student body. Upon graduation he began practicing law and soon thereafter was associated with the grandson of Ben Daly, thus reuniting the line and traditions of the lawyers that began practicing in 1900.

Ben Bagert soon distinguished himself as a skilled lawyer. At the age of 24 he was elected to the Louisiana State Legislature and at 27 he had his first victory in the Louisiana Supreme Court. He was reelected to the legislature five more times.

He bowed out of public office in 1992 in order to devote full time to this law practice. He has practiced widely before Louisiana district and appellate courts and also before United States District Courts located in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. He is admitted to the United States Fifth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeal and to the United States Supreme Court. Member of the American Bar Association; The New Orleans Bar Association; the Louisiana State Bar Association; and the New Orleans Bar Association.

Other achievements and memberships include: Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; President of Loyola Law School Student Body; Loyola Law Review; Member Council of the Louisiana State Law Institute and of its Evidence Advisory Committee; Lead Author of the Louisiana Evidence Code; State Legislator 1969-1992, Chairman Judiciary Committee and Commerce Committees; President of Triumph of Special People, Inc.


Administrative Law
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Environmental law
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Federal Jurisdiction
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Public Contract Law
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Constitutional Law
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Real Estate Law
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Construction Law
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Claims against public bodies
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Wills & Successions
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Searches & Seizures
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Products Liability
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Insurance Law
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Master Servant
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Criminal Law
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Corporation Law
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Jury Practice
State v. Conrad, 304 So.2d 318 (La., Dec 02, 1974)

To put years of legal knowledge and experience to work resolving your legal issue, please call us toll free at (866) 864-9695 or contact us by e-mail. We can help you with a wide range of legal concerns, from wills and trusts to construction and real estate law to criminal defense.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • "Look no further, you have found a jewel! Mr. Bagert is an amazing attorney who treated my elderly father with compassion and respect. He and his team were very professional and acted swiftly on his behalf. I highly recommend the Bagert Law Firm!" - Civil Practice

  • "Mr. Bagert is always available and easy to talk with. He spends a good deal of time explaining and researching every aspect of the case so it is easy to understand what he is trying to accomplish for you and your case" - Civil Practice

  • "The determination and work ethic to help those in need are incalculable. I am grateful to have Ben Bagert as my lawyer of choice." - Criminal Law

  • "Ben was very informative and helped every step of the way." - Business Law

  • "In all dealings with Mr Bagert, I have always found himm to be respectful as well as focused and attentive to my concerns but heaven help the company that tries to abuse my rights when I have Mr Bagert advocating for me. His unusual intelligence is moderated by a down to earth demeanor that enables him to explain complex matters in every day words. I have found that judges and lawyers hold him in very high esteem when we were in court." - Business Law

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